When NBN When?


As we all know, there has been a spate of misleading information, conflicting opinions and lack of knowledge revolving around the NBN on a national level – but what developments have been made in Woolgoolga and how are we as a small community affected?
Well I can tell you now that NBN co have yet again moved the goal posts for our little town.

Majority of the area will be receiving FTTN (Fibre to the Node) as an NBN connection – there are some parts that will be receiving FTTC (Fibre to the Curb) examples include River street Woolgoolga, Newmans Road Woolgoolga, and Corindi Beach (For now…).
And while its true some parts of Woolgoolga, Sandy beach and of course Red Rock can obtain Fixed Wireless NBN – what about the rest of the area?

Well here is some information we have recently found that we would like to share with our town and surrounds…

• Within the last 4 weeks, we have found that majority of Woolgoolga that was expecting to be connected to the NBN between April – June 2018 has now been changed to Oct – December 2018, with little to no warning.

• The connection times are very much subject to change – examples:
– Newmans Road (FTTC) – expected time: July – September 2018*
– River Street (FTTC) – expected time: October – December 2018*
– Beach Street (FTTN) – expected time: October – December 2018*

It’s important to note that the above time frames were all scheduled for April – June 2018, 4 weeks ago. Also, the connection types do not align with the time expectancy.

• Areas and their expected connection date:
– Woolgoolga (FTTN/FTTC) – June – December 2018*
– Corindi Beach (FTTC) – July – September 2018*
– Sandy Beach (FTTN) – October – December 2018*
– Safety Beach (FTTN) – July – September 2018*
– Emerald Beach (FTTC) – October – December 2018*
– Mullaway (FTTN) – July – September 2018*
– Arrawarra Headland (FTTC) – July – September 2018*

Of course, it would be folly to invest your faith into these timeframes as being a deadline, but as it stands, this is what they are aiming for.

• More addresses in the Woolgoolga and Sandy Beach areas are Fixed wireless NBN ready as per a recent upgrade to the tower in the area. This upgrade was not released as public knowledge, it was purely by chance and good timing that we found out.

You may or may not be aware of the information supplied in this post, but as an ISP in the area, I found it irritating that we were not supplied with any of this knowledge as it becomes available – as if the NBN co can pick and choose when and how they deliver their service with no communication with little towns such as ours.

I realise there is always going to a split decision regarding the NBN and if it will make a difference in our area, but the truth is our current copper infrastructure desperately needs upgrading – with the constant congestion on ADSL services, drop outs, issues associated with bad weather and lets not forget the infamous Emerald Beach exchange – these are the most common issues in Woolgoolga and surrounding areas, and unfortunately, due to the NBN around the corner (…allegedly) they will refuse to upgrade our current copper infrastructure.

So what do we do…? I don’t know… But I do know living in a small community, if we share our knowledge, insights, opinions on a subject, we can at least stay informed of changes occurring both good and bad.

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