Wet Macbooks!

Water damage
Whether it be a Macbook or a PC laptop liquid damage will most likely kill your device!
We typically see at least 1 liquid damaged Macbook or laptop a week just from the Woolgoolga area. This has prompted me to write this BLOG post regarding what to do and what not to do if you are unfortunate enough to have a liquid spill on your device.
The big number one is don’t have drinks or other liquids around your Macbook or laptop it is a disaster waiting to happen and when you spend $3500 on a MacBook one accidental spill can render it worthless.

However, it will happen, so what to do?
• Unplug you Macbook and turn it off.
• Turn it upside down with the screen open and sit it on a towel on the edge of a table.
• Get your Macbook to us ASAP. It will need to be stripped down, dried and cleaned.

What not to do this is very important
• Do not turn on or charge your Macbook, this is really where the most damage is done turning on or charging will accelerate corrosion of logic board components destroying any chance of resurrecting your mac.
• Do not leave it to dry overnight or a few days then charge it or attempt to turn it on (see step above)
• Forget about the put it in rice etc blah blah IT DOES NOT WORK!

What about the ones we have had in recently
• Well the first Macbook Pro, water spilt over the keyboard etc. this one the owner was fairly lucky the logic board was mostly dry, how ever we had to replace the keyboard, trackpad & speakers, still not a cheap exercise but they now have their Macbook back and working.
• The second one a Macbook Air well it has been stripped and cleaned but does not look good, it really took a bath wet top to bottom. And they attempted to charge it and turn it on worked for a few seconds the kaput! Heavy corrosion on the logic board as turning it on starts an electrolysis process that will corrode the internals very quickly. It will need a repair to the logic board at the very least as well as keyboard & trackpad. The cost of the repair will put it to close to the cost of a new Macbook, so I think we will just hoping to extract the customer’s data.

All is not lost!
We now have purchased new advanced equipment to clean and repair liquid damaged devices.
We have an industrial Ultrasonic cleaner for chemical cleaning of corroded and liquid damaged logic boards.

An alcohol bath and drying oven to dry logic board once cleaned.

Microscopes, micro soldering & rework equipment for repairing and replacing logic board components and circuits.