Using your EFTPOS and Back to base alarm system on NBN network

The rollout of NBN access network is setting the scene for what is so far, the biggest transformation to Australia’s telecommunication industry. Statistics have shown that retailers are signing up for a fast internet service over NBN network at the quickest rate ever. And with over 2 million homes and businesses now connected and more than 4.5 million premises able to order retail service over the network, there is no doubt that the “NBN tsunami” is sweeping through Australia.

While it is only natural for you to want to move your EFTPOS and your Back to base alarm system to this super-fast broadband, there are, however, some factors to consider. And below we will look at a few:

Using your EFTPOS on NBN

Although it is true that in most cases your EFTPOS terminal will work on NBN network, there is, however, no harm in checking with your EFTPOS provider to confirm compatibility. Furthermore, the possibility that your EFTPOS terminal will work on NBN network is dependent on how the EFTPOS connects with the bank. There are four ways by which your EFTPOS connects with your financial institution:

  1. Over standard phone lines: This is common to standalone EFTPOS machine that is not linked to the point of sale computer system. They utilise a phone line to process transactions with the bank.
  2. Over the Internet Protocol: Basically, this helps connect with the bank via standard internet connection.
  3. Over a mobile network: This is likely to be unaffected by NBN as mobile networks are separate from NBN fibre network.
  4. Over an ISDN service: This involves taking advantage of digital services provided over the phone to establish connection with financial institutions.

More importantly, before you order for NBN service from your retailer, it will be in your best interest to contact the EFTPOS provider for advice in other to ensure that you order for the right services. Also, you will need to clarify:

  1. What NBN service you require to access your EFTPOS terminal (Broadband or Broadband and Voice)
  2. Any additional in-premise wiring or changes that may be necessary.

Using Back to base alarm system

Knowing how important your back to base alarm system is to your business, you do not want to take lightly the challenges you are likely to face while transitioning to the NBN network. Although installing a back to base alarm system has, without a doubt, brought with it obvious benefits; nevertheless, before attempting to make the transition to using NBN network, it is important you understand the parties involved in alarm monitoring:

Furthermore, transitioning to NBN may incur an extra cost as this could demand installation of new equipment. So, the following factors should be considered before using your back to base alarm system on NBN:

  1. You will have to find out from your alarm company the kind of communication path the alarm is currently using.
  2. Clarify the extra cost that you are likely to incur
  3. Work out the monthly payment plan, and you are ready to go.

To this end, this transition should not be made without an expert advice.