The future is now!! well soon… maybe…

Here we are again. NBN has moved its “expected” connection date once again. I wish I could say the only aspect of NBN that has been changed was the target connection date for the area, however, other facets of the initiative have been altered to suit their rate of completion… and this article is only a snapshot of these changes, monitored over the last few months.
One excuse that I find especially irritating is the reason behind why it has been moved behind another 6 months. For a long time we knew Woolgoolga and the Northern Beaches was going to receive several types of NBN connection including FTTC (Fibre to the Curb), FTTN (Fibre to the Node) and Fixed wireless (of which, is in fact available in some parts of Woolgoolga) and up until a month ago, it was readily available throughout the Industrial estate of Woolgoolga – until, once again, the rules change without warning.
Historically speaking, when addressing NBN issues, I shouldn’t be surprised when I go to perform an SQ (Service Qualification) check and find the dates of the expected connection time frame has been changed, however, I now feel at this point in time there HAS to be some form of responsibility to the public – I mean, we are talking about a service that was to be connected and running in the area by 2014! This is starting to feel like the old “carrot dangling in front of the donkey” exercise, however, in this case – especially with how much speculation there is revolving around the true effectiveness of NBN, its time to ask – is the carrot really enough? Is it really going to much of a reward after all this wait? Personally, the lack of communication, awareness and ownership to handle false expectations should be taken as a scathing indictment to their core values as a company – however, as their advertisements suggest – “sit tight, its on its way – this is the future!”
With constantly changing connection dates, they have also flipped and flopped over which area gets a certain type of connection – this is probably the most frustrating aspect of their indecisiveness, as I have been in a position where I have checked several addresses earlier this year (2018) and it shown a FTTC connection at that point in time, recently I have done the same search for these addresses and the connection type had changed to FTTN (bluntly put, FTTC theoretically has a much better opportunity to provide a better connection as opposed to FTTN due to the reduced amount of copper infrastructure needed to maintain the connection) – this, combined with a constantly changing timetable is infuriating.
I realise this article sounds like a rant, and there is nothing I cannot stand more than reading something with a completely biased opinion, filled with negativity, and provides no insight or resolution to the matter at hand. I truly wish I could provide some form of good news, even a whisper of hope, however, the fact is (and the purpose of this article) to create awareness over the NBN’s complete lack of planning… even communication to what is happening in our area. I know a lot of people who are desperate for the NBN to arrive. We live in a digital age, the Internet is something that is now considered as an important feature in day to day living, whether it be to pay your bills, entertainment purposes or even security systems – we need a good quality internet connection.
Yes, there is a lot of scrutiny and speculation when talking about the NBN as a product. I am an ISP (Internet Service Provider) and I am speaking from that view point, and I truly believe the NBN will be a good thing for this area given our current infrastructure, so as far as the product is concerned I am happy (as I currently utilise a fixed wireless connection for my business operations) – however, I feel it necessary to point out the faults NBN co when addressing customer expectation. My advise if you need to have any questions answered regarding the NBN is to ask your ISP. If you cant get satisfaction, find one that can meet your expectations, as it seems to be the common denominator in this industry that communication is a lost exercise (a communications company lacking communication… hmmm, historically not cool).
I guess we will sit tight for the moment and wait for the future to pass us by.
Woolgoolga and surrounds have an expected connection date between Jan – March 2019***